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About APP

Anglophones Pau Pyrénées aims to:

  • be a community of people who communicate in the English language by maintaining a website and a Facebook group to facilitate:

    • the organization of regular events to bring members together;

    • the creation of interest groups;

    • networking opportunities.

  • be a support to members by providing:

    • forums on the website and on Facebook where members can post questions and look to other members for advice or information;

    • a forum where any member (new or old) can request assistance or support from the community of members for whatever reason.

  • be a repository of useful information:

    • to assist members to find items and services based on members' experiences;

    • to provide a facility for the buying and selling of goods & services between members.


What Anglophones Pau Pyrénées is not:

  • a profit-making organization – costs are kept to a minimum to break even and maintain a contingency fund;

  • a passive organization – members are expected to take an active part, not only in the support of others but also in the organized activities;

  • a guarantee – all members, including the committee, provide their assistance and experience on a voluntary basis, so information may not be immediately available and may be out of date.

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