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Joining APP

or renewing your membership

(contact the treasurer if you have difficulties or questions) 


Why join?

  1. Access to all events – which are pay-as-you-go

  2. Online membership list

  3. Monthly emailed bulletin

  4. Access Anglophones Pau Pyrénées private Facebook group

  5. Help & support of the membership


Membership dues:   

  • Adult singles (and single parents):  €5 per year

  • Couples (or 2 adults living in the same household) (regardless of number of children): €10 per year

Three easy steps to join:           


1. Complete the form:

Tell us about yourself
I consent to my name (& that of any 2nd adult), email, phone number, city & postcode to be published on the Members Only/password protected section of the website, to facilitate communication among APP members.

Thanks for submitting. Don't forget to PAY and request website access!

2. Pay the membership fee – there are 3 ways to do so: 

  1. PayPal – this is the preferred method:

    • You are not required to have a PayPal account in order to pay via this method (you will end up paying by debit or credit card).

    • Click on the Buy Now button below, add the amount you are paying (either €5 or €10) and click on continue . You should receive a confirmation from PayPal.


          2. By cheque (French bank) – made out to Anglophones Pau Pyrenees and sent to:

Elizabeth Marshall, APP Treasurer, 2634 Rte de Morlaas, 64160 Buros  

          3. In cash – to the Treasurer or the President. 

3. Request access to the Members Only section of the website


  1. Click on the white "Login/Sign Up" link at the top right of this page. This will direct you to a Log In page – click on the pink "Sign Up" link.

  2. Choose a password.  

  3. Your access to the Members Only area of the site will be approved once your payment is verified. You will receive an email confirmation.


All information provided is strictly for the use of Anglophones Pau Pyrénées only. It will never be passed on to any third party.

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